Why does effective B2B SEO need killer content?

When B2B sector professionals start a procurement programme or searching for information on the Internet, they generally know exactly what they’re looking for and will apply very precise search terms to find what they’re looking for.

And for you to rank highly in their B2B search returns, your website needs to be pin-sharp in terms of on-page SEO-focused content. That means your content needs to be written by someone wearing two hats: SEO specialist and subject matter expert (SME).

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Are you seen as an authority?

This critical need for clear, concise content will make the difference between visibility and complete obscurity, and of equal importance a clear display of sector knowledge in your website content will set you apart from your competitors as an industry authority.

So industry focused content makes you not only visible to searchers, but also demonstrates know-how and industry expertise that will lead to engagement and through careful dialogue, conversion and sales.

Saving money or wasting time?

The fact is that all too often marketers think they can write on-page SEO content that will deliver visibility. From my experience this is not the case. Because while most marketers understand their company’s products or services, they generally only think they understand SEO.

And conversely, the vast majority of SEO specialists won’t have a decent grip on client enterprise subject matter, so won’t readily deliver the effective on-page SEO that will deliver the level of search returns you need for the SEO work to be meaningful or valuable.

Economical with the truth?

LeopardYes, as a marketer it’s easy to fool yourself you’re saving money by creating content yourself, when in reality you’re just wasting your time. It’s also easy to blind yourself to the small and seemingly insignificant inaccuracies in your SEO specialist’s content.

But the competitive landscape your business faces out there is actually a jungle. And like all jungles, there are competitive predators just waiting for you to make the slightest mistake so they can wipe you out, and make you invisible.

What is the true value of content?

So SEO, visibility and authority are critical to your online survival. Savvy B2B marketers understand this and focus closely on developing robust web content that improves visibility sufficiently to allow for the authority needed to compete in today’s markets.

After all, just calculate what 30x more visitors to your website would mean to your revenue, associated margin and your bottom line, and I think you’ll see how important visibility, authority, engagement and sales closure can be.

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