Make your website talk up sales

79666759More sales bangs for your digital marketing bucks.

Increasingly in the energy and many other industrial manufacturing sectors across Europe, the distributor sales channel model is now the norm in sales management. It is a very cost efficient process but generally not particularly effective.

And for the vast majority of energy and industrial marketing professionals, this shift to the distributor sales model discontinued proactivity and collaboration with their now remote field sales teams.

The effect of this is to cause a near-breakdown in communication on a basic level: marketing teams are blindsided and cannot gauge market dynamics to a point where they become almost completely insensitive to market conditions, and field sales teams lose access to both strategic direction and high quality market intelligence.

This situation leads very rapidly to a slow-down in market proactivity and eventually to vulnerability in terms of competitiveness and market share erosion.

However, there are ways of successfully implementing a distributor sales channel model without negatively impacting marketing and sales performance, and when this is fully integrated with your website as an interactive marketing and sales platform, can significantly increase sales performance.

And your website is a critical platform in this programme. Conventionally, and in our opinion, websites are little more than shop windows. And how interactive is a shop window?

What is required is a website that drives strategic marketing direction in order to power sales programmes, and then deliver the sales tools required to maximise sales volumes.

Here at Novacom, we’ve been using interactive website management and marketing automation techniques to develop marketing platforms to drive sales programmes for some time, and we know that it not only works, but can significantly boost sales performance.

Most of the tools you need to do this, you probably already have. All that is generally required is an intelligently focused marketing strategy; a tactical communications programme and a strategic digital marketing agency partner with strong interactive marketing and communications capabilities.

This final point is critical: don’t expect to pick up the phone directory and search under ‘digital marketing agencies’ as this is an over-used term for website designers.

What you are looking for has much more focused capabilities: a strategic digital marketing agency. There are fewer in the marketplace, but they are definitely not just web designers: they’re highly qualified marketing professionals like you, but with high level strategic digital marketing expertise.