Digital philanthropy: promoting client success, or just commercial suicide?

At Novacom, we have a corporate philosophy which revolves around helping others. This means we spend much time and energy developing client knowledge in digital marketing techniques, and latterly granting interviews with journals such as Ignites Europe, the Financial Times digital publication.

But is this Novacom corporate philosophy good for business and growth or just altruistic commercial suicide?

We think the former: helping clients to expand their understanding of the digital realm and taking them – one step at a time – through the complex matrix that informs their marketing aspirations, helps with professional development and builds confidence.

This new-found confidence helps nurture the client-agency bond, strengthens professional relationships and builds trust.

And this mutual growth and trust help us both build: we help clients build their digital communications platform, building a pathway to success – and we reap benefits through this by building our own business, too.

We believe that this mutuality goes well beyond the client-agency model illustrated here, and informs our work with media: we regularly grant interviews and proactively offer new and interesting developments or opinion (such to this month’s Ignites Europe) in order to keep driving technology forward.


Because it’s good for clients to continue expanding in the digital space. That’s altruism. And because they expand, we expand. That’s commercial sense, not suicide.