Video: a win-win situation in the energy and automotive sectors

Visibility, whether through great page-one search returns, or highly informative and persuasive video presentations are key to any form of competitive success.

And in marketing communications campaigns relating to energy provision or automotive marketing – in both b2b and b2c channels – both are critical in gaining competitive advantage.

So imagine the intense level of visibility that could be harnessed if highly informative and persuasive video presentations could drive SEO visibility. Well it can and it does.

The energy sector and both the b2b and b2c automotive sectors have one great commonality: they are both very diverse. Energy is everything from domestic gas supply to automotive gasoline while the automotive sector is everything from heavy trucks to the sexiest sports car.

And because of this diversity – segmenting and demonstrating services, products and offers – video plays a very important role in influencing customer decision processes. This is generally understood: for example, if you were a gas supplier aiming at the domestic market, you would want customers to understand that you not only supply gas but also the great customer service that keeps your family warm and safe no matter the weather.

That’s great advertising. But you need people to see it in order for it to be effective advertising. The simple and often overlooked fact is that a well indexed video can make it fifty times easier to reach page one in search returns. This highly effective SEO occurs because the technique of indexing video for SEO is not well adopted and therefore there is less contention.

And it’s not that hard to do: through careful site-mapping and utilisation of commonly used SEO strategies, fast-track SEO campaign visibility readily informs customer decision making – optimising competitive advantage.

And giving you a much better return on your video advertising budget.