Video syndication in financial services: a triumph of form over function?

Video syndication is a highly efficient way of getting your brand out there, as it streams through many channels at any one time and will therefore take brand visibility to very high levels.

This makes it a perfect marketing channel for FMCG and practically every other consumer brand profile or product promotion campaign, given clearly defined demographics.

But there are two significant yet discrete issues that need to be considered when contemplating this communications channel in financial service marketing: demographics and brand integrity.

Let’s consider demographics first. In this current economic climate, the average medium/high-worth client, searching for financial service support is likely slightly more advanced in years and therefore more wary of traditional video syndication destinations such as, say, YouTube or perhaps even Google TV. This individual is more likely to check the search return URL before deciding to visit a site.

That means this demographic will quite deliberately circumnavigate many traditionally-used video syndication hot-spots. This will affect your ROI quite significantly.

Let’s now consider brand integrity and brand value. In financial services marketing, it is generally agreed that pull marketing, created through perceived brand integrity and finely-crafted web development and on-site content marketing, are critical to the pull process.

Video syndication has the ability to deliver high brand visibility, but this can easily be at the expense of brand integrity and brand value.

Because, unless these syndicated platforms are very carefully designed, they tend to dissociate the brand from its natural corporate website background, robbing it of that safe institutional feel that forms the very foundation of pull marketing philosophy in financial services marketing. Put another way, replaces the safe feel with something of the ‘wild west’ in the eyes of a broad and valuable demographic.

I think the message here is clear: in this fragile economic climate, if you take the video syndication route, you will have to work very hard to ensure you don’t disengage potential clients by diluting the brand certainty they are looking for in – what to many in your target demographic may see – as a very uncertain world.