Delivering meaningful web visibility in the energy, power and infrastructure sectors

While energy, power and infrastructure companies are generally very large regional or global enterprises; web visibility is still critical to keeping these operations front of mind.

These large entities have a wide range of communications needs that cover everything from corporate communications and investor relations (IR), through marketing to crisis management.

These companies therefore need continuous high-level visibility.

But, given the broad spectrum of information flowing from the large and diverse organisations across regions, careful consideration needs to be given to how all this information is channelled. You could simply define communications as either corporate or marketing, but this would mean a communication density that would be almost impenetrable.

So, other messaging categorisations will be needed and close control of communications flow and selected channels will be key.

This high definition communication can best be achieved through two closely related protocols: careful control of search engine optimisation (SEO) and precise targeting of pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Carefully formulated on-site optimisation techniques, categorised by a clearly defined communications strategy can be designed to drive corporate, marketing or IR traffic to precisely the right part of the enterprises’ regional or global website and instantly deliver vital information quickly. This separates the communications channels neatly and avoids confusion and delay.

And this is where PPC can add an extremely useful dimension: by allowing SEO to manage clearly defined communications stream density, PPC can then be utilised to drive communications intensity.

These now clearly defined communications streams can now be played like a musical keyboard with all the sophistication that entails. PPC allows different message channels that can be intensified at different times: for example, IR channels can be intensified when year-end results are announced or a significant business win takes place. Similarly, PPC can intensify the precise marketing channel when a significant product announcement takes place or a new product is rolled out.

So, by carefully categorising SEO components for precisely targeted visitor navigation on the website, and driving standout communications through controlled messaging intensity, a website takes on a multidimensional communications capability across sectors and across continents.