Personalising your message to engage with customers

It’s well known among digital marketers that personalising marketing emails can increase open rates by up to 25%. But personalising content and targeting offers doesn’t have to stop at just email.

With the world of digital marketing increasingly focused on measuring customer interactions and capturing ‘big data’ across a range of digital (and off-line) touch points, tailoring responses for each individual is now becoming a key tool in a digital marketer’s armoury.

By embracing an integrated, ‘omni-channel’ approach, combined with a focus on measurement and interaction monitoring, marketers can engage with their target audience on an individual level like never before.

This not only focuses the marketing message for those who are likely to be most receptive and therefore driving interest and sales, but also targets marketing spend where it will have the greatest effect, boosting ROI.

Tying all analytics, CRM and measurement systems together and tailoring an integrated message to each customer not only creates a holistic, cohesive approach, but gives the end customer the impression your company understands their needs.

And this perception helps to drive reciprocal xanax engagement. Customers recognise the added value provided by relevant marketing messages, driving contact with sales teams and boosting revenues.