Digital marketing predictions for 2013

At this time of year, it’s almost obligatory for commentators across the marketing industry to begin to make their predictions for the year ahead. And we can’t resist putting our bets on the big trends in digital marketing for the year ahead, either.

First up, omni-channel: in a marketplace where high speed mobile connectivity is more common than ever, marketers now have the ability to reach their audiences wherever they are. In our view, the 2012 ‘omni-channel’ approach will become increasingly important this year in building brand recognition and generating engagement, wherever your audience is.

Fast mobile connectivity and smartphone uptake is also driving a surge in mobile-optimised video and multimedia, a channel many are predicting will experience exponential growth in 2013 and beyond. This is becoming an increasingly important channel as clients and prospects demand information that is quickly and easily accessible.

And those people will not only expect their content fast, but also to be highly engaging, regularly updated and unique. Content marketing became a big buzzword last year, particularly in the B2C sector. In B2B, we’ve been doing this for years, and it will undoubtedly continue to be an important area of growth in 2013.

The platforms supporting content marketing, such as social media and mobile will also continue to grow at pace, with a particular focus on cultivating two-way dialogue between brands, clients and prospects. This will be promoted through a greater understanding of user activity through effective use of analytics and measurement – creating so-called ‘big data’ that provides great insight into your audience.

You’ll see from the links above that we’ve been blogging about these trends throughout 2012, as we’ve watched the market and listened to our clients about what they want.

We predict these channels will continue to grow in 2013, as the need to engage with a highly targeted audience increases and measuring responses to better tailor your message becomes a priority. Performance management and campaign measurability will become ever more paramount to campaign success.