The power of joined-up marketing

Here at Novacom, we’re always advocating the benefits of truly integrated digital marketing campaigns.

Of course, a lot of marketing agencies will tout the benefits of an integrated campaign. But what does it actually mean in practice?

To us, integrated means anything from tying two discrete but linked channels together via cohesive messaging, through to a multi-channel, on- and off-line campaign with synergistic messages, customer interactivity and measurement at its core.

A simple example of how an integrated approach can boost campaign effectiveness is a typical targeted email campaign to your existing customer base.

By linking the email content closely with content on your associated websites and driving users to read more online, the campaign will not only deliver more engaged users through higher impact, rich media content online, but will deliver an opportunity to better understand customer behaviour.

Implementing a range of email and web analytics tools, measuring customer interactions and gaining insight into customer motivations will help you better connect with your customers by seeing every aspect of the digital conversation.

And it’s not just email and web that can be measured. By taking a holistic approach, covering social media, video, email, web, mobile, telephone and experiential channels, and joining the collected data together, marketers can get a truly detailed picture of customer motivations.

By understanding what drives your customers, you can react to this and deliver highly relevant content to the right customers at the right time – delivering interest, engagement and sales.